Our Mission

विद्या ददाति विनयम्, विनय ददाति पात्रताम।

पात्रत्वाद्धनमाप्रोति धनाद्धर्मं ततः सुखम्।।

  1. To transform village Champati, P.O. Padmapur District, Cuttack of Orissa into a model establishment in a manner that all people, physically challenged and able-bodied, are gainfully employed, to bring about substantial improvements in the state of literacy, health and economic sustenance and finally to harness not just natural resources but also human resources through leadership and motivation.
  2. To promote continuous self-improvement in the quality of lives of the residents by generating leadership from within and creating opportunities for utilizing their resources.
  3. Setting up rehabilitation camps in tribal areas, drought hit areas, etc.
  4. Aiding the mentally challenged by partnering with local organizations.
  5. Rehabilitation of children on platforms, streets and slums.
  6. Promoting social awareness among tribal and other disadvantaged communities.
  7. Assisting promising students from economically weaker sections by means of full or partial scholarships.
  8. Assisting organizations promoting art and culture both as a means of economic progress and wider recognition in the state/nation.
  9. To establish, maintain and run studentships, scholarships and render other kind of aid to students including supply of books, stipends and other incentives to study, without any - distinction of caste, color, race, creed or sex.
  10. To establish or grant aid to homes for the elderly and orphans.
  11. To grant relief and assistance to the victims during natural calamities such as famine, earthquake, flood, fire, pestilence, etc. and to give donations and other assistance to institutions, establishments or persons engaged in the above.
  12. To grant aid or render assistance to other public charitable trusts or institutions.
  13. To promote behavioral and attitudinal changes in women allowing them to be equal partners in the family and community through vocational training and capacity building activities and create an atmosphere fostering woman empowerment by establishing or supporting by monetary gifts or otherwise, centers and institutions dedicated to the cause above.
  14. To create environmental awareness amongst the rural community by conducting environmental education training programs, door-to-door meetings and awareness campaigns to encourage the use of non-conventional energy sources.